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Working within various fields, including surround sound diffusion, audio visual art and a range of experimental electronic music; and utilising new programming developments and intricate sound spaces, Resolution combines developing practices in music and art.

Originating from the Sonic Immersive Media Lab research facility, in a church turned art space at Goldsmiths University, Resolution’s events have expanded, now taking place in various locations across London. Collaborating with promoters and labels, acting as curators and production team, each event builds upon our immersive and technical ethos.

Specialising in large scale multi-channel projection systems, we create immersive environments in intimate settings. Visualisations are either custom programmed by Resolution or by featured artists, showcasing a mix of live visuals, films and other forms of video art.

Our events feature a mix of live performances, DJ sets, installations and lectures from a variety of musicians and artists, focussing on contemporary electronics and AV practices. We utilise surround sound systems in different ways for each artist and space, working with musicians to programme a unique soundscape for each performance.

We are proud to be a platform for up and coming local artists, working together to enhance their live performances. Our aim is to curate and setup events that feature a broad range of styles and influences, providing a platform for collaboration, experimentation and inspiration.